Sunday, September 29, 2013

One week til take off!

T minus 7 days til my flight outta here and to the land of the green pastures and dreamy accents. (Note to self: try to develop an Irish accent while abroad). Getting very excited but also somewhat nervous and anxious. This will be my first time  being away from my friends and family and my home for longer than a 2 week period. ( and no, my service trips to Jamaica and Belize, though amazing, don't count). I will be on my "own" for the first time ever. I put that in quotes because of course I'll be surrounded by people but at the same time completely independent. It'll be freeing in a way.

And so I decided to make my first Dublin blog post on expectations I have going into this whole going abroad thing:

1. I will feel both completely lost and completely found at the same time.

2. Develop either a love or hate relationship with potatoes. 

3. Fall in love with a new country and culture.

4. Become a new type of independent. The one where I can figure out how to get anywhere in the world with a handful of euros and a backpack.

5. Find God in the people and the simplest things around me.

6. Learn something (or multiple things) that I wouldn't otherwise sitting in a classroom.

7. Appreciate Guinness (in moderation of course). 

So if you love me enough or are bored enough to read my blog, then I invite you to accompany me on this adventure I am embarking on.

Dublin, Ireland here I come!!

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